At In Touch ID, we offer home interior styling sessions, we will be happy to give you some professional guidance to confirm some ideas or options to brain storm on together. We get to know you and what your needs are during the 1.5 hour consultation and will email you a report on ideas and options that will be reflected in a mood board to confirm colours and styles of your choice. You will end up with that designer look that will make you fall in love with your interior.

This consultation applies to your home, a rental place to attract quality tenants/clients. If you are stuck with a property that has not sold, we will give you tips and recommendations for a game changer and a successful and profitable sale. This option is for you to carry out the work yourself or with a team of your choice. We will use existing items where ever possible so as to minimize your costs of purchase, we love showing our clients how to be resourceful.

Your style will define personality, be very functional and feel well balanced and harmonious for whoever will live there.