Airbnb stylish accommodation

This post is dedicated to all renovators, resourceful home owners and passionate interior creators:) This transformation of a garage to a very successful Airbnb stylish accommodation has been one of the most interesting and satisfying renovations that I have done.

The garage was a large 2 cars space plus, the style selected was "rustic industrial", sober colours, earthy tones and a very simple and functional layout with the use of the existing water connection.
The use of copper throughout the studio, in the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom is an absolute winner. I was fortunate enough to work with a very talented craftsman who enjoys working with copper and Voila!

The windows have large seals, doubling the purpose with a book shelf, the windows location make the space private, light and interesting.

The studio has a very private patio where visitors can perched themselves admiring the views at sunset particularly.

Existing beams have been enhanced by the timber covering of steel posts in the middle of the room.
A stainless steel shelf was upcycled and made in 2 dining benches.

The whole place is very functional, easy to maintain and definitely unique.

The owner is very happy as the holiday rental is doing very well, a great success story for all involved, where creativity and vision fully met expectations.


Stay tuned, I will go through the whole project and give you heaps of the meantime, keep the passion and the creativity boiling:)

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